A Sacrifice Must Be Made

One of the worst employees of my company’s history was fired a couple of weeks ago. Now a secretary from the corporate secretarial services is doing her job. She was a secretary who didn’t do her job well, and made no attempts to improve. She was slow at typing, she would often make documents with multiple errors, and would have problems with everyone else on the staff. I decided that I had enough of this secretary, and got rid of her. She made a huge scene, and I though that I would have to call security to get her out of the building, but she left on her own and never came back.

Even though I was glad to finally be rid of the old secretary and replace her with one who was actually good at the job, I take no job in seeing my employees go, especially when they leave on bad terms. I’d prefer to have a great work environment with everyone, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for the old secretary. She had every opportunity to change her ways, but she didn’t. She also could have left without making a scene, but she chose to go down a different path.

Everyone else at the company seems to be pleased that the old secretary has been replaced with a better one. They’ve all told me how much they like the new one better, and how she’s been making things easier for everyone who works there. I bet that by the end of the year, my company will have generated more profit as a result of all of the workers being happier. When the workers are happy and can do their job successfully, then the company is more likely to draw in new clients who will be satisfied.

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