Amateur Golfers: Where to Go when You Need Help Improving Your Game

I am just starting to really get into the game of golf, and I am going to need some help with my game, that is for sure. I am hoping to buy my first set of clubs pretty soon, now that I have some money saved up. Every time I have been golfing before, I have had to borrow golf clubs. I have recently been borrowing my step dad’s clubs when I go to play golf. My step dad is who first got me interested in golf, and I used to ride around the course with him on the golf cart when I was young. I need to find some advice on what sort of clubs to get for somebody in my position. Obviously, I do not need top of the line clubs, but as I am an amateur in need of a lot of improvement, I do want to get clubs that will give me whatever possible advantage in my game. In those terms, I do hope to get quite good equipment. But I really need to read some reviews on how different clubs can help to improve my game, in terms of distance, and accuracy. I am really hoping that I will be able to increase the distance of my drive in the near future as well, because I am sure that will help me save a few strokes every round. One thing that I would like to find the most information on is golf-swing mechanics and techniques in order to be able to control the ball and its trajectory more consistently. Consistency is something that I have been struggling with a lot, and I think that it is probably due to my mechanics. I would like to be able to adopt better habits with regards to my golf swing.

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