Best Diet for Maintaining Muscle Weight

I have just committed myself to the idea of becoming a great body builder and I know that it is going to take a lot of time and effort of my part, but I have always enjoyed working out, and so I think that I will be up for the task. I know that a lot of people view working out with a degree of disdain, but I feel quite the opposite, because it really makes me feel alive. I am looking into Lazar Angelov diet and trying to figure out how well it would work for me.

I like the idea of the diet, because it has such a high protein intake. I am going to need a lot of protein, to keep my muscles in peak condition, and to make sure that I do not lose any of my muscle weight. I also like the diet, because it does not restrict the total amount of calories that you eat on a given day. That is also very important to me, because it would be very hard to work out, and to keep my muscle mass, if I did not eat as much as I needed to.

I am kind of concerned about the number of meals per day though, because that seems a bit high. I guess there is a reason behind it, and I have heard of such diets before, to be sure, but I have never tried one, and i guess that is my major concern. Maybe it is a wonderful way to go about it. I really want to continue to put on the muscle weight, and I am looking forward to giving a shot to any diet that obviously gives me a chance of doing that. Hopefully this is the diet that will be able to do just that.

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