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We Just Got to Charlotte

We got here early in the morning yesterday and started looking for South Charlotte NC apartments. Obviously our stuff is still back home in South Carolina and for now we are going to spend a week or so in an extended stay hotel thanks to the boss. He is the one who got himself in this jam and he is not pretending that it is not all his fault. Of course I knew the guy who used to have this territory and I know that it is really easy to get upset with him. I have called him a couple of names myself, the guy just does not consider what other people think unless he is trying to get over on them. In fact he is pretty good at sales in spite of himself, although people get tired of him all of the time. Continue reading

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Looking for a Nice Apartment

I wanted to find a really nice apartment for my wife and I. We had been living with my sister ever since we moved back to Georgia, and everything was working out just fine there. We had not wanted to rush into buying a house, so staying with my sister while we took our time looking seemed like the best option. That was nearly seven months ago though, and we just were not able to find what we wanted. That is when I decided to look at apartments in McDonough Georgia instead.

I figured we could find a nice apartment and stay there while we continued our search for the perfect house. I put that on the back burner though because we now had a new game plan. Continue reading

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We Needed a Way to Fight Back Against Crime

It made me sad to know that the crime rate in our neighborhood where my business is located was rising steadily. Many of us business owners got together last week to sit and discuss a plan of action. One thing that was pointed out is that we all need to be proactive about getting video cameras, and the way to go about doing it is to get CCTV kits to get it done cheaply. Some of us are pretty good at wiring things, so we offered to volunteer our time installing the systems for the companies with owners who do not know how to do that kind of thing.

I went on a hunt to find an inexpensive kit, and I found one that comes with many cameras and looked to be pretty simple to install. I figured it would be best if I acted as the guinea pig and ordered a kit first and installed it myself. Continue reading

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Best Treatments for Car Accident Injuries and Chiropractors

I really do not enjoy my life very much at the moment, and maybe that is not a very good thing to say. But the fact of the matter is that I am miserable on an almost constant basis. And in order for that to change, I am going to need to find some treatment at a chiropractor. Or at least, I think that is going to be the best option for me at this juncture. To fulfill that goal, I would be interested in looking up info for Chandler car accident chiropractor offices that are located nearby to my house.

I would definitely like to find the best chiropractor in the area that is located as close to my house as possible. Because if I am going to seek this treatment out, I would like to cut down on the travel time as much as possible. There are two main reasons for that. Continue reading

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I Didn’t Expect It to Be So Cheap!

I’ve always considered acupuncture to be something that only the rich and famous could afford. I was sorely mistaken and I’m sorry that I assumed something like that couldn’t be for a person like me. I just so happened to be walked down the street when I noticed a small sign in a window of a tiny shop. They were offering acupuncture in Chicago, which intrigued me because I had always been interested in learning more about it.

There wasn’t a line when I walked into the tiny shop, it was rather quiet and they had some soft music playing. There was a young Asian woman behind the counter that smiled at me when I came in. She offered me a cup of tea and sat down with me to explain what the process was. It all sounded so interesting, so I asked her what the pricing was. Continue reading

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My Justice Was Finally Served

When I was younger, I felt invincible. Thought that nothing could hurt me. I was wrong. It all started in the year 2003. I had just graduated from high school with honors and was on my way to college. My family was so proud of me. My father purchased me a car as a graduation present. It was a blue convertible. I was so sleek and beautiful. My friends were so jealous my new car. My girlfriend also liked my car as well. One day, I was involved in an accident. I needed a Sacramento auto injury attorney to get me justice.

I will never forget the day I had my car accident. It was a Monday. Continue reading

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My First Time to Have Internet Access at Home

When I moved my family from a small country town to a fairly large city, we were in for so many changes. The kids were pretty excited because we were finally going to be able to have Internet at our home. Most folks in the country got their Internet from satellite dishes, but we had too many trees in our line of sight, so we went without. One of the first things they wanted was an Internet connection, and I can’t really say I blamed them. I looked at different options and decided that the ATT Internet option was our best bet.

I don’t have anything against the other Internet companies, but AT&T was able to give us the best deal. Continue reading

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Started to Work on the Home Systems

Of course we have the house almost built, but it is just the shell of a house right now. I have started to work on the electrical system and that sort of thing. Of course a modern house is a thing that you can make as complicated as you want it it to be. I am going to put in a home security system and find one of those places like ADT home security to monitor it for me. Of course what I do exactly is something that I am working on. You have to pay for all of the components and you can get as much or as little as you think that you need. The key concepts involve protecting the entry points to the house. Continue reading

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Channels Available with Satellite Package

I have been buying cable television for a number of years. Probably dating back all the way to back when I first moved into this house. I am not sure of the exact date at which I first moved in, but it was probably a long time ago. Anyway, I am checking out to learn a bit about the prices on satellite packages and to see if I want to make a switch. I am really seriously considering it, because it does not seem like I could get a worse deal than I am currently getting from my satellite provider.

That just doesn’t seem possible, because I can tell you this much, I am getting a really bad deal from my satellite provider at the moment. Continue reading

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We Needed Another Bathroom in the House

I used to get so frustrated over having just one bathroom in our house. I was severely outnumbered even when it was just my wife and I, but it got even worse when we adopted a four year old girl. I love both with all of my heart, but I knew that I needed to have more than one bathroom since it was just going to get worse as our daughter gets older. I looked online at plumbers in Frome to see if I would be able to have one come out and give me an estimate on putting a bathroom in the basement.

The plans had always been to have a bathroom added, and the room was even ready. That was it though, because the former owners ran out of money before they had the bathroom added. Continue reading

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Satellite Internet is Waiting for You

There is no reason to be suffering through the tedium of a dial-up connection any longer in this world, as satellite internet ( has made high speed access to the web available from virtually any place on the planet (always assuming the dish and the satellite in the sky have no physical barriers between them, like buildings, etc.). That has really opened the playing field, so to speak, for a lot of people even within the country (not to mention abroad, where there are far fewer underground cable networks than here), and today the ability to use the internet on a regular, efficient basis is within the reach of pretty much anybody. Continue reading

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Is There a Right and Wrong Way on How to Play Cornhole?

Okay, so this is going to sound really dumb but I have to say it. We were at a family picnic arguing over the rules of how to play cornhole. Everyone seemed to have a different idea of how far the boards with the holes in them had to be apart. Then there was a disagreement on how far away you need to stand from the board you are throwing at. Horseshoes has rules, so we thought cornhole would too. No, it’s not as crucial as playing chess for money, but it is still a game with rules. Right?

I had one relative get all exasperated throwing her hands up and saying, “Who cares? It’s just a game!” Well, that is exactly the point. Continue reading

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Best Diet for Maintaining Muscle Weight

I have just committed myself to the idea of becoming a great body builder and I know that it is going to take a lot of time and effort of my part, but I have always enjoyed working out, and so I think that I will be up for the task. I know that a lot of people view working out with a degree of disdain, but I feel quite the opposite, because it really makes me feel alive. I am looking into Lazar Angelov diet and trying to figure out how well it would work for me.

I like the idea of the diet, because it has such a high protein intake. I am going to need a lot of protein, to keep my muscles in peak condition, and to make sure that I do not lose any of my muscle weight. I also like the diet, because it does not restrict the total amount of calories that you eat on a given day. That is also very important to me, because it would be very hard to work out, and to keep my muscle mass, if I did not eat as much as I needed to.

I am kind of concerned about the number of meals per day though, because that seems a bit high. I guess there is a reason behind it, and I have heard of such diets before, to be sure, but I have never tried one, and i guess that is my major concern. Maybe it is a wonderful way to go about it. I really want to continue to put on the muscle weight, and I am looking forward to giving a shot to any diet that obviously gives me a chance of doing that. Hopefully this is the diet that will be able to do just that.

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Just Got over to London

I just got over to London. The day before yesterday I touched down at Heathrow and had a pretty restful day. I was really tired after my flight so I took a nap in my hotel and then I went to find a place to eat in the middle of the night. I had slept until it was half past 9 in the night. I went in to a pub, which seemed to be the best choice and had some food. I bought a paper and turned to the sports page, but found the Premier League Standings and stuff about soccer or football totally dominated the sports pages over there. Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Click the Button

We have all seen those banners that say click here, but should we click them and where exactly do they lead. Do they take us to somewhere relevant or are they all a clever advertising trick. I think they might have been more effective if they put up a banner that said don’t click here. I mean I personally would probably click it just out of curiousity and if I would then I am sure that many others would as well. So why did they chose click here, the answer is probably related to how we choose to interpret commands. You see when we are on the internet, it is a foreign place to us. It is not real life and we understand that, so we are more likely to follow an order from a stranger that we can not see, or hear. So why do we do it. Why do we instinctively get ready to click that button. Continue reading

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Viewing the Ads I Missed Online

TOTD: What was your Favorite Super Bowl Auto Ad? Photo GalleryWhen I found out that I could click to see ads that I missed the day of the Super Bowl, I got so excited. I am one of the unfortunate souls that has to work on Super Bowl Sunday. I have had to work every year for the past four years and it just gets tiresome being one of the very few people that has to miss the biggest football game of the year.

I do like to watch the game, but it is the commercials and the half time show that I look forward to. I love watching to see what advertisers come up with each year. I work in a sports bar so I do get to see bits and pieces of the game and the commercials, but I have to miss out on a lot of it because I have to serve so many excited men food and drink during the game.

I did make a lot of money that day, so it was worth it. I got so excited when I found this site that allows me to view the ads that I missed that day.

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Amateur Golfers: Where to Go when You Need Help Improving Your Game

I am just starting to really get into the game of golf, and I am going to need some help with my game, that is for sure. I am hoping to buy my first set of clubs pretty soon, now that I have some money saved up. Every time I have been golfing before, I have had to borrow golf clubs. I have recently been borrowing my step dad’s clubs when I go to play golf. My step dad is who first got me interested in golf, and I used to ride around the course with him on the golf cart when I was young. I need to find some advice on what sort of clubs to get for somebody in my position. Obviously, I do not need top of the line clubs, but as I am an amateur in need of a lot of improvement, I do want to get clubs that will give me whatever possible advantage in my game. In those terms, I do hope to get quite good equipment. Continue reading

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Looking for Some Senior Golf Tournaments for Amateurs

Windy Hill Dunes North Myrtle Beach (Coastal South Carolina) Condo ...I have taken early retirement at the age of 53 and since then I have sort of become obsessed with improving my golf game. When I retired I was just a recreational golfer who usually played once a week when my schedule permitted. Now I often play three times per week and it is not unusual for me to play 36 holes if the weather is good and I have nothing else to do. I would like to start playing some amateur tournaments, preferably against people my own age rather than college players and potential pros. I do not mind getting beaten by guys who are better than me, but I do prefer to be the one with the trophy hoisted above my head.

We are living in two places now. Millie and I have a condo in the Winston Salem, North Carolina area just West of Piedmont Triad International and we have another in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Both places are great for playing golf, especially if you do not mind taking a drive. In the Myrtle Beach area there are scores of high quality courses and I have a lot of golf buddies who now make jokes about how much I have improved since I quit working for a living. In North Carolina you are never more than a couple of hours away from world class golf courses. I have been humiliated by a few of the courses in Pinehurst, but I still had a great time.

Of course I am not really a scratch golfer and I would still like to find some tournaments where I would be able to compete reasonably well. It seems like it should not be that big of a deal to find a few given the popularity of golf in the Carolinas.

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