Go Ahead, Click the Button

We have all seen those banners that say click here, but should we click them and where exactly do they lead. Do they take us to somewhere relevant or are they all a clever advertising trick. I think they might have been more effective if they put up a banner that said don’t click here. I mean I personally would probably click it just out of curiousity and if I would then I am sure that many others would as well. So why did they chose click here, the answer is probably related to how we choose to interpret commands. You see when we are on the internet, it is a foreign place to us. It is not real life and we understand that, so we are more likely to follow an order from a stranger that we can not see, or hear. So why do we do it. Why do we instinctively get ready to click that button. We know that it probably leads to a trap and that we are putting our internet life at risk, but we do it anyways because we want to know what is on the other side. So go ahead and click it, but you must be willing to take the necessary precautions afterwards. You have to wipe your computers temporary memory deleting the cache and browsing history, you then most reboot so that these things can take full effect. That should get rid of anything that could potentially harm your computer. most importantly of all though, do not download anything from one of those websites. The downloaded viruses are much harder to take off of your computer and will probably make you regret ever having visited. So if you are curious, go ahead. Just be sure to clean your computer afterwards, just in case.

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