I Am Feeling Much Better Now

I was just on my way to work at a place that does move in cleaning for Singapore, oddly right in front of the office of a chiropractor that I knew because of a charity that our wives were involved in. The guy actually pulled into the parking lot while I was standing there looking at my car and trying to figure out how bad I was hurt. He put on a pair of latex gloves and looked at me and the woman that had hit me. I told him that I had hurt my knee, but that it still worked even if it hurt quite a bit. I know for a fact that the lady had been looking at her phone when she hit me and I was rather mad at her. She was pretty upset though and I did not want to look like a baby, you have to act like a man even when you want to throw a tantrum.

At any rate I was hurt, but it was not bad. I knew there was something wrong with my back and after I went to the hospital they told me that I should go back to see the chiropractor and get him to fix it. When you think about they really can not do all that much, or at least anything that is really going to be much help to you. They can give you pills, which are not going to solve your problems and which are really likely to give you more problems that you are going to have a lot of problems solving. Then they can go to cutting on you, which is foolish for a number of reasons. That is not likely to be much help to you for one thing and for another it is going to come with plenty of bad side effects.

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