I Didn’t Expect It to Be So Cheap!

I’ve always considered acupuncture to be something that only the rich and famous could afford. I was sorely mistaken and I’m sorry that I assumed something like that couldn’t be for a person like me. I just so happened to be walked down the street when I noticed a small sign in a window of a tiny shop. They were offering acupuncture in Chicago, which intrigued me because I had always been interested in learning more about it.

There wasn’t a line when I walked into the tiny shop, it was rather quiet and they had some soft music playing. There was a young Asian woman behind the counter that smiled at me when I came in. She offered me a cup of tea and sat down with me to explain what the process was. It all sounded so interesting, so I asked her what the pricing was. It didn’t cost me much, less than $50 for my first session.

The room she brought me into was warm and it had a massage table in it that she had me climb onto. I lay on my stomach as she did her work. I thought I would feel something poking me, but I didn’t feel anything. I even asked her if she had started because I had been sitting there for some time and could have sworn she left the room. In fact she had been well on her way and I hadn’t even felt the slightest prick.

It was an interesting experience, and I felt a surge of energy when it was all done. I’ll definitely have to do it again, as it calmed my nerves and helped me to relax a lot easier. I’ve set up an appointment for another session next month and I’ll be seeing her again. I look forward to my next session!

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