Just Got over to London

I just got over to London. The day before yesterday I touched down at Heathrow and had a pretty restful day. I was really tired after my flight so I took a nap in my hotel and then I went to find a place to eat in the middle of the night. I had slept until it was half past 9 in the night. I went in to a pub, which seemed to be the best choice and had some food. I bought a paper and turned to the sports page, but found the Premier League Standings and stuff about soccer or football totally dominated the sports pages over there. I looked at it and realized that it was all about soccer, but with a bit of rugby, some cricket and Formula One racing mixed in. Of course it was not the United States and I do not think any of the American sports they care about were in season.

Baseball has no following over here from what I can tell, but there are people who play basketball. I found a place where there were some guys who were not far from my skill level playing in a school yard. At the time I was in penny loafers and a black business suit, but I figure I shall go back once I get settled in and try to find a game to stay fit. I did a bit of the tourist thing, but it was just incidental to the trip. My business took me past Windsor Palace and on the way back to the hotel I had the cabbie stop so I could take some pictures. He snapped a photo of me beside the fellows standing guard out front. I suppose those guys are in all sorts of photos, they look a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

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