Looking for a Nice Apartment

I wanted to find a really nice apartment for my wife and I. We had been living with my sister ever since we moved back to Georgia, and everything was working out just fine there. We had not wanted to rush into buying a house, so staying with my sister while we took our time looking seemed like the best option. That was nearly seven months ago though, and we just were not able to find what we wanted. That is when I decided to look at apartments in McDonough Georgia instead.

I figured we could find a nice apartment and stay there while we continued our search for the perfect house. I put that on the back burner though because we now had a new game plan. Instead of looking for a great house, we were now looking for a great apartment. I didn’t think this would take us as long, and I was right. Within 20 minutes, we had found the place we wanted to move into. It is called Crossing at McDonough, and it is located almost smack dab in the middle of where we both work. That is the area that I started my search in, but I honestly did not expect to find something that quickly that met all of our requirements.

I showed my wife pictures of the apartment complex, and she really enjoyed everything she saw as well. It is a gated community with quite a few features that makes it attractive for any demographic that wants to move into an apartment there. There was a spot right there on the website for us to set up an account and fill out an application, and it was a very quick process. Now that we are settled in here, we have decided that we might just prefer this kind of living for a while so our house hunt has been put on hold.

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