My First Time to Have Internet Access at Home

When I moved my family from a small country town to a fairly large city, we were in for so many changes. The kids were pretty excited because we were finally going to be able to have Internet at our home. Most folks in the country got their Internet from satellite dishes, but we had too many trees in our line of sight, so we went without. One of the first things they wanted was an Internet connection, and I can’t really say I blamed them. I looked at different options and decided that the ATT Internet option was our best bet.

I don’t have anything against the other Internet companies, but AT&T was able to give us the best deal. All of the companies had different options available to customers, so I looked at not only pricing but the equipment and plans as well. None of the others compared to what AT&T was offering us, so it was actually a pretty easy decision. I did have some questions since I had never had Internet before. My folks have it, and it was at their house that the kids were able to do their schoolwork and have fun too.

However, I never really did much with the Internet at their house, so I wanted to clarify a few things before I made any commitments. I was able to call their customer service department, and one of the reps was able to answer all of my questions. She was even able to set up the appointment for me, and everything was installed and up and running within just a few days. The kids are having a blast having online access in our home now, but I honestly think that I might be having even more fun than them. I never knew the Internet could be this great!

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