Really Added to the Allure of My Daughter’s Photos

My daughter and I chose to visit Orchard manicure because we’d been putting serious effort into finding just the right place to have her nails done. She’s moving into her final year of school and of course that means professional photos for her yearbook. We’re from the States and we are here for work so my daughter goes to a school filled with American students. I’m not sure if the local schools do yearbooks, but my daughter’s school does and we want the pictures to come out just right. You only get one chance to take your senior photos after all.

We found a place to do her hair and make up but still needed to get her a great manicure as many of her pictures will contain her hands in prominent shots. I remember back when I had my photos taken and they came out just awful due to not going through the proper motions of getting my nails done by a professional. I sure wasn’t going to have my daughter’s photographs ruined because we didn’t invest the right amount of time to guarantee everything would come out as close to perfect as possible.

We went to this particular salon because they’ve got a great reputation in the area for doing perfect nails. They actually offer different ways of doing nails so we had to go down in order to suss out which style would fit my daughter the best. We decided on what we wanted and didn’t have to wait very long for the manicure to start. I was so impressed with their work and their demeanor that I immediately sat down to have my own nails done. We left the salon feeling like the most beautiful woman on the planet. They did such a marvelous job that I’ll be sure to visit their salon again soon.

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