Started to Work on the Home Systems

Of course we have the house almost built, but it is just the shell of a house right now. I have started to work on the electrical system and that sort of thing. Of course a modern house is a thing that you can make as complicated as you want it it to be. I am going to put in a home security system and find one of those places like ADT home security to monitor it for me. Of course what I do exactly is something that I am working on. You have to pay for all of the components and you can get as much or as little as you think that you need. The key concepts involve protecting the entry points to the house. In essence you have sets of motion sensors connected to both parts of the door and both parts of the window. If those two sensors stay where they are supposed to be nothing happens, but when they change orientation the alarm goes off.

This used to happen quite often to us at work. We had a sensor on the big garage door at the loading dock and we had to fix it so that it would not not move even a little when we did not want it to. One time it started snowing really hard and so we went home, but the UPS driver came by and set off the alarm about the same time that we all got home. So we had to turn around and drive back in the snow to reset the alarm. After that we fixed it so that you could not move that door enough to knock the sensor out of alignment. You obviously should not have that problem with most home alarm systems it would seem.

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