Viewing the Ads I Missed Online

TOTD: What was your Favorite Super Bowl Auto Ad? Photo GalleryWhen I found out that I could click to see ads that I missed the day of the Super Bowl, I got so excited. I am one of the unfortunate souls that has to work on Super Bowl Sunday. I have had to work every year for the past four years and it just gets tiresome being one of the very few people that has to miss the biggest football game of the year.

I do like to watch the game, but it is the commercials and the half time show that I look forward to. I love watching to see what advertisers come up with each year. I work in a sports bar so I do get to see bits and pieces of the game and the commercials, but I have to miss out on a lot of it because I have to serve so many excited men food and drink during the game.

I did make a lot of money that day, so it was worth it. I got so excited when I found this site that allows me to view the ads that I missed that day.

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