We Just Got to Charlotte

We got here early in the morning yesterday and started looking for South Charlotte NC apartments. Obviously our stuff is still back home in South Carolina and for now we are going to spend a week or so in an extended stay hotel thanks to the boss. He is the one who got himself in this jam and he is not pretending that it is not all his fault. Of course I knew the guy who used to have this territory and I know that it is really easy to get upset with him. I have called him a couple of names myself, the guy just does not consider what other people think unless he is trying to get over on them. In fact he is pretty good at sales in spite of himself, although people get tired of him all of the time. That is really problematic when you have a big company like ours, after you have burned a lot of bridges you eventually can not go any place.

Janet and I sort of took our time here, without really considering the fact that the boss wanted us to act like it was a desperate hurry. We drove a hundred miles or so out of the way to visit her grandmother. The woman is in her eighties and it is not as though we may ever get to see her again, so that took priority over this. In fact it probably did not really have an effect on our arrival. We stopped for supper with her and a bunch of her family, then we slept in the spare room of one of her cousins. We would have had to pull over and spend the night some place no matter what and the time we lost prevented us from arriving earlier in the middle of the night.

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