We Needed a Way to Fight Back Against Crime

It made me sad to know that the crime rate in our neighborhood where my business is located was rising steadily. Many of us business owners got together last week to sit and discuss a plan of action. One thing that was pointed out is that we all need to be proactive about getting video cameras, and the way to go about doing it is to get CCTV kits to get it done cheaply. Some of us are pretty good at wiring things, so we offered to volunteer our time installing the systems for the companies with owners who do not know how to do that kind of thing.

I went on a hunt to find an inexpensive kit, and I found one that comes with many cameras and looked to be pretty simple to install. I figured it would be best if I acted as the guinea pig and ordered a kit first and installed it myself. Then if it was any good, business owners in our strip mall could each purchase one. Afterward, the three of us who knew how to handle the wiring would volunteer our time to install them. So I ordered my kit, and it came with 7 cameras. It had a great price tag on it as well. I knew that if it worked out well, I would be saving a great deal of money on it.

I was able to install six of the cameras with no trouble. I decided not to install the seventh camera. I wanted to save it as a replacement camera in case anything happened to the other 6 over time. But so far there have been no troubles at all. The business next door to mine was broken into last week, and thanks to the cameras in the kits that the next door business owner purchased, he was able to get very good shots of the two thieves who broke in and stole quite a bit of jewelry from. He was then able to turn this video data over to the police, and the thieves were caught.

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