We Needed Another Bathroom in the House

I used to get so frustrated over having just one bathroom in our house. I was severely outnumbered even when it was just my wife and I, but it got even worse when we adopted a four year old girl. I love both with all of my heart, but I knew that I needed to have more than one bathroom since it was just going to get worse as our daughter gets older. I looked online at plumbers in Frome to see if I would be able to have one come out and give me an estimate on putting a bathroom in the basement.

The plans had always been to have a bathroom added, and the room was even ready. That was it though, because the former owners ran out of money before they had the bathroom added. The room was just a junk room for us, but I knew that I wanted to finally have it made into the bathroom it was supposed to be as long as the price was affordable. Since the wiring and pipes were not there, I wasn’t sure how feasible this decision was, which is why I wanted to get the estimate before I discussed it with my wife.

I had someone from the company I called come out and do a quick inspection. It did not take him long before he had all the information he needed, and he gave me a rough estimate right there on the spot. It was about what I expected it would be, so I was happy with the number he gave me. I talked to my wife and we ended up going with this company. The bathroom was completely finished in a week’s time, and it is absolute bliss to finally have another working bathroom in the house!

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